EC External Monitor visit to the AQUAENVEC project

On 2nd of May the External Monitor of the European Commission visited the AQUAENVEC project. The meeting was held in CETaqua’s headquarters, in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona).

The AQUAENVEC results so far were presented by the project partners. Moreover there was a financial review of the incurred costs and the budget foreseen by the project.

On the 3rd of May, a workshop on Eco-efficiency indicators was held in CETaqua’s offices. 

The objective of the session was defining the indicators and results to be obtained by the software for Eco-efficiency assessment under development.

AQUAENVEC_visita monitora web int


Aquaenvec Project presented in SETAC 2014

From 11th to 15th of May, AQUAENVEC’s project, led by CETaqua, has been presented in SETAC 24th Annual Meeting 2014, held in Basel (Switzerland).

The SETAC European Meeting every year brings together experts from academia devoted to environment and health protection.

The meeting focuses on the most recent advances in environmental sciences and provides a platform for how to implement this knowledge to improve environmental risk assessment and shape policies.

The AQUAENVEC project has presented at the SETAC the next contributions:

• Reckoning of Operational and Environmental Benchmarks within 180 Wastewater Treatment Plants in Spain

• Economic valuation of nutrients removal from wastewater

• Environmental Life Cycle Costing Applied to the Urban Water Cycle

• Environmental consequences of storm-water harvesting for flood prevention.

An Executive Board meeting was held during the conference in Basel as the project consortium was present. Next steps on technical actions were decided. Tuesday morning there was a meeting on cost functions and Data Envelopment Analysis with CETaqua’s and UV’s researchers.

To get more information about SETAC, you can find it in the next links:

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Four accepted contributions to IWA WWCE Lisbon 2014


The Aquaenvec project will be presented at the IWA World Water Congress in Lisbon next September. Contributions accepted are titled:


  • Decision-making Web-tool To Optimise The Eco-efficiency Of Urban Water Cycle Management (Oral Presentation)

D. Marín,  MJ. Amores, T. Kersting, G. Feijoo, J. Rieradevall and F. Hernandez-Sancho

  • Life Cycle Costing Of The Urban Water Cycle Applied To Mediterranean And Atlantic Cities (Poster Presentation) 

T. Kersting, MJ. Amores, D. Marín, M. Termes, M. Molinos-Senante, F. Hernandez-Sancho

  • Quantifying The Environmental Benefits Of SemPAC® For The Removal Of Nutrients And PPCPs (Poster Presentation)

Y. Lorenzo, A. Hospido, M.T. Moreira, F. Omil, G. Feijoo.

  • LCA Of PVC And HDPE Pipes For Drinking Water Distribution Networks In Cities (Poster Presentation)

 David Sanjuan-Delmás; Anna Petit-Boix; Carles M. Gasol; Gara Villalba; María Eugenia Suárez-Ojeda; Xavier Gabarrell; Alejandro Josa; Joan Rieradevall 



Five accepted contributions to SETAC 2014 in Basel

The Aquaenvec project will be presented at the SETAC 24th Annual Meeting in Basel next May. Contributions accepted are titled:

1. Reckoning of Operational and Environmental Benchmarks within 180 Wastewater Treatment Plants in Spain ( Y. Lorenzo, S.Chenel, , D. Marín, M.T. Moreira, G. Feijoo) for poster presentation.
2. Economic valuation of nutrients removal from wastewater (M. Molinos-Senante, F. Hernández-Sancho, M. Termes-Rife, T. Kersting, R. Sala-Garrido) for poster presentation.
3. Environmental Life Cycle Costing Applied to the Urban Water Cycle (Teresa Kersting, Maria José Amores, Desirée Marin, Montserrat Termes-Rifé, María Molinos-Senante, Francesc Hernández-Sancho) for poster presentation.
4. Environmental consequences of stormwater harvesting for flood prevention. (Petit-Boix, Sevigné, Barbassa, Texeira, de Lima, Gutierrez, Marín, Rieradevall, Gabarrell) as a platform presentation.




Greenhouse gases in Betanzos and Calafell

The Aquaenvec research team was in Calafell city (27-31 January) and in Betanzos (17-21 February) performing the winter monitoring  of GreenHouse Gases (GHG) both at sewer network and WWTPs.

Calafell GEI Ene14 (74)

CETaqua and UAB analysed with an IR equipment the direct emissions of CH4 and N2O while USC was performing the analysis of the water and sludge quality, including PPCPs. 

Also during the week in Calafell, three Notice Boards were installed near the Beach, at SOREA office and at Creu Roja sewer pumping station. The one in the beach explains how the Aquaenvec project will improve Calafell’s urban water cycle.

NB Calafell (4)

NB Calafell (13)


5th Executive Board Meeting of AQUAENVEC project.

5Th Executive Board meeting about AQUAENVEC project was held in Barcelona the 6th March. The project is led by Cetaqua.

The project partners discussed about the project progress and decided the next steps. The first results on the LCA and LCC of case studies were presented by the research groups involved in the project.

Aquaenvec 5EB web int


Aquaenvec 2nd Newsletter is available

The second edition (December 2013) of the Aquaenvec project newsletter is available online!

2nd Newsletter Aquaenvec Dec 13


Download the ENGLISH version here.

Descarga versión en ESPAÑOL aquí.



Notice board installed in Betanzos (Galicia)

Three notice boards have been installed in Betanzos (Galicia), one of the LIFE AQUAENVEC case studies. The project has been explained in a educational way and it includes simple graphs and pictures, to make citizens understand that a European project is developed in their town. There is a simple and an informative version, written in Galician.

The first notice board has been placed in the Waste Water Treatment Plant’s (WWTP) fence:




The second notice board has been installed outside the municipal swimming pool, next to the sports complex:




Finally, the last notice board has been installed outside Viaqua’s office:




First LCA-LCC results at the International Water Week

Today the Aquaenvec project was presented at the International Water Week Amsterdam 2013: INTEGRATED WATER SOLUTIONS FOR A GREEN ECONOMY.

IWW (2)Maria José Amores showed the first results of the LCA and LCC application on drinking water treatment plants.



First Workshop on eco-efficiency indicators and tools

The 1st Internal Workshop of the LIFE AQUAENVEC project was celebrated in Valencia the 15th October. The Workshop was focused on tools for eco-efficiency assessment.

A review of existing tools for economic and environmental assessment in the water and environmental sector was presented. The Aquaenvec team splited in groups to analyse different tools and to brainstorm about the requirements of the Aquaenvec tool for eco-efficiency assessment in the urban water cycle.

As a result of the Workshop, a set of indicators for eco-efficiency assessment was defined and the list of initial requirements of the tool to be developed was settled.

Workshop Tool 15Oct13 (19)

Workshop Tool 15Oct13 (10)

Workshop Tool 15Oct13 (5)

Workshop Tool 15Oct13 (7)

Workshop Tool 15Oct13 (3)


4th Executive Board meeting

The 4th Executive Board meeting was held in Valencia the 14th October. The project partners discussed about the project progress and decided the next steps. The first results on the LCA and LCC of case studies were presented by the research groups involved in the project.

EB Valencia 1415Oct2013 (16)

EB Valencia 1415Oct2013 (13)

EB Valencia 1415Oct2013 (6)

EB Valencia 1415Oct2013 (2)

EB Valencia 1415Oct2013 (1)


Aquaenvec at the World Water Week 2013

The proposed framework of integrating costs and environmental impacts of the Aquaenvec project was presented at the Workshop “Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation – Promoting Coherence”  held during the World Water Week in Stockholm on the 4th September 2013.

This workshop addressed the constraints, but also showcased good examples of synergies and cooperation. It also addressed how to mainstream climate change resilience in the green economy through improved cooperation between water, agriculture and energy management.

Click here to see more about the workshop and download speakers presentations.




Aquaenvec 1st Newsletter it is now available

The first edition of the Aquaenvec project newsletter is now available online!

Portada Newsletter 1

Download the ENGLISH version here.

Descarga versión en ESPAÑOL aquí.




GHG emissions measurement at WWTPs and Sewer networks

The Aquaenvec research team carried out two monitoring campaigns to quantify the emissions of GreenHouse Gases (GHG) coming from WasteWater Treatment Plants and Sewer networks both in Betanzos (Galicia, Spain) and Calafell (Tarragona, Spain).

Methane and Nitrous oxide emissions were analysed together with Hydrogen sulfide from around 10 different points along the sewer and waste water treatment.

Also water and sludge samples were obtained in order to determine water and sludge quality and also quantify removal of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs).

1-5 July 2013: Betanzos, Galicia - in collaboration with Aquagest




 15-19 July 2013: Calafell, Tarragona- in collaboration with SOREA

Calafell GHG Monitoring Jul13 (36)

Calafell GHG Monitoring Jul13 (61)

Calafell GHG Monitoring Jul13 (127)








Best ongoing project in the European Projects Awards 2013

LIFE+ AQUAENVEC has won the European Projects Awards 2013 in the category of ONGOING projects, organized by the European Projects Association (EPA). After being finalist in a first stage of an online popular vote, AQUAENVEC has been selected by a jury of experts as the best project of its category.

The awards ceremony will be held the 6th of June 2013 in Brussels. Besides, the project will be presented in the course “Projects Development & Networking for EU Projects”, in the context of the “World Research and Innovation Congress”. This prize comes in the middle of the project, when AQUAENVEC celebrates one year and a half from its beginning.

To watch the ceremony and the presentation, click on the following link (6th June, 03pm): 

photo by Lukasz Kobus,,,  +32 476-083-996,

photo by Lukasz Kobus,,,  +32 476-083-996,

photo by Lukasz Kobus,,,   +32 476-083-996,


AQUAENVEC, finalist in the European Projects Awards 2013

The LIFE+ AQUAENVEC project is one of the 3 finalists in the macro-category ONGOING that will pass to the second phase of the European Projects Awards: the jury vote. With 59 “likes”, AQUAENVEC is the second project most voted from among the 49 submitted in this category.

The winners will receive different prizes as well as the Official EPA Award. These projects will be further disseminated as best practices also during EPA Side Events.



European Projects Awards 2013

The European Projects Association (EPA) has announced the European Projects Awards 2013, with the following categories:

  • Environment, consumers and health
  • Research, innovation and technology

The EPA is a non-profit organization focusing on research and development, innovation and internationalisation.

The AQUAENVEC project has taken part in this competition in the first category. You can vote for the project until 22nd May 2013.


Vote for the LIFE+ AQUAENVEC project here



Interview in “Radio Galega”

The radio program “Efervesciencia” (23rd February 2013) included an interview with Gumersindo Feijóo, from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), about environmental footprint. “Radio Galega” has 194.000 listeners.


Listen the entire interview in the following link (in Galician):


Interview in “La Voz de Galicia”

The Galician newspaper “La Voz de Galicia” published an interview with Gumersindo Feijóo, professor of Chemical Engineering, about carbon footprint. Feijóo, from the University of Santiago de Compostela, participates in the AQUAENVEC project.

The interview was published the 25th April 2013. Founded in 1882, this newspaper has a print run of 68.000 copies and a diffusion of 80.000, the highest of the region.


You can download the article here: Entrevista La Voz de Galicia 25042013


AQUAENVEC presented to high school students

On 29th April 2013, a group of 45 students from CPI Monte Caxado (As Pontes) visited the headquarters of CETaqua Galicia, located in Santiago de Compostela. The students, aged 14-16, learned about the activity of the center and the LIFE+ AQUAENVEC project.

CETaqua Galicia’s team also gave them college counseling focused on water research studies and career opportunities.



Aquaenvec at the IWA Conference held in Marbella

The project team has participated at the 3rd International IWA Conference on water Economics, Statistics and Finance  that was held in Marbella from 24-26th April 2013. A new specialist conference on Asset management for enhancing energy efficiency in water and wastewater systems was also held in parallel.

One poster and three oral presentations mentioned the work within the Aquaenvec project:

  • Calculation of characterization factors in toxicity impact categories for a group of micropollutants. C. ALFONSIN, A. HOSPIDO, M. T. MOREIRA and G.FEIJOO
  • Cost saving opportunities in wastewater treatment plants: a non-radial DEA approach. M. MOLINOS, F. HERNANDEZ and R. SALA
  • The role of Life Cycle Costing in urban water cycle. M. REYES, M. MOLINOS, M. TERMES and F. HERNANDEZ
  • PLUGRISOST: a model for design, economic cost and environmental analysis of rainwater harvesting in urban systems. X.GABARRELL, T. MORALES-PINZÓN, J. RIERADEVALL, M.R. ROVIRA, G. VILLALBA, A. JOSA, C. MARTÍNEZ-GASOL


An Executive Board Meeting was held on friday 26th where upcoming steps on the LCA and LCC calculations and harmonization were discussed.


EC monitoring visit

The AQUAENVEC Project Monitor (Mrs. Audrey Thénard) revised the project’s development in Cetaqua’s headquarters in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona). The visit took place on 18th April.



The brochure is now available

The AQUAENVEC brochure is available in the website. The leaflet includes information about the project and it is a useful dissemination tool for face-to-face events.

Download the pdf file here: Aquanvec_brochure


STREAM Research Project Factsheet published

Being funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, STREAM disseminates the results of EU water research projects through its policy and training activities, audiovisual productions and a wide range of communication tools.

STREAM Research Project Factsheets are one of the tools to promote the projects: besides being disseminated via STREAM website, they are also used as training material in STREAM e-learning and summer school activities and they will be available on the WISE-RTD platform as well. The Factsheets present an easily accessible overview of European research on water.

You can download AQUAENVEC Factsheet pdf file here: Factsheet STREAM

Or visit the website:

It is also available in the section “Publications”:


“El Ideal Gallego” publishes an article about LIFE+ AQUAENVEC

The galician newspaper “El Ideal Gallego” published a news article about the AQUAENVEC project and Betanzos case study. It has a print run of 13.705 copies and a diffusion of 10.803. This publication has also more than 2.000 followers on its Twitter channel.

You can download the article here El ideal Gallego or on the following link:


USC participates in the organization of 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion

The University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) participates in the organization of 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion: Recovering (bio) Resources for the World, to be held in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on 25-28th June 2013.

This event is part of the IWA Anaerobic Digestion Specialist Group conference series, which are conceived as an international forum for discussion on state-of-art of the anaerobic bioprocesses.

For further information, please visit:


2nd Executive Board Meeting

The 2nd Executive Board meeting of the LIFE+ AQUAENVEC project was held on 25th January in the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). The project partners discussed about the evolution of the project and decided the next steps.

The website of the USC published a news article about AQUAENVEC (Xornal USC) and the galician TV broadcasted a video talking about the participation of the university in the project (TV Galicia).




Oral presentation at SETAC 18th LCA case study symposium in Copenhagen

The Aquaenvec project was presented during the SETAC Europe 18th Case study Symposium which took place on November 26-28th  2012 in Copenhagen.

The event was a success, with many presentations and posters of varied case studies of LCA.


How LIFE Programmes influence legislation in the water sector?

The LIFE Monitoring Team, which is led by the Astrale Consortium, has published a comprehensive 171-page analysis of the LIFE programme’s contribution to the implementation, dissemination and further development of EU environmental policies and legislation in the water sector.

Aquaenvec is mentioned as an example of these projects that make an influence in this way.

You can download the entire article here: Water_Report

For further information, please visit:


Spanish LCA network meeting

The AQUAENVEC team joined the Spanish LCA Network yearly meeting on monday 5th of  Novembre in Madrid.

LCA studies on various subjects being done in different working groups in Spain were presented, amoung which, the Aquaenvec project.

The event was a success and a website will soon be available for you to know more about the Spanish LCA network!

 You can download the project poster here.


Poster presentation in London

A poster of the AQUAENVEC project was displayed during the 1st International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience, in London, which took place on November, 5-6th.

Click on the image below to download the poster:



Website launching

The AQUAENVEC Project is now published online! This website gives you the project’s details and progress, and helps you learn more about environmental issues and water.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us through the website!



Abstract accepted

Abstract accepted for an oral presentation at the SETAC 18th LCA case study symposium which will take place in November in Copenhagen.


Abstract accepted

Abstract accepted for an oral presentation at the:

 1st International Conference on Urban Sustainability and Resilience.

The abstract submitted to the Conference is entitled:

“Eco-efficiency indicators and tool for the urban water cycle management of European small-medium cities”
Desirée Marin, Suzy Mc Ennis, Gumersindo Feijoo, Joan Rieradevall, Francesc Hernandez-Sancho


Poster exhibition during Green Week 2012

The AQUAENVEC project was presented in the 3rd European Water Conference poster exhibition, during the Green Week in Brussels on 24 – 25 May 2012.

You can download the poster here.


Life 20th anniversary celebration – Open day

CETaqua organised an open day to celebrate LIFE’s 20th anniversary. During this event the AQUAENVEC project was presented and a poster displayed.


20th Life anniversary award

AQUAENVEC was among the 20 winners of the 20-word competition held in the context of LIFE’s 20th anniversary. The Award celebration was held in Brussels in May 2012 during the Green Week.


Kick-off meeting

AQUAENVEC kick-off meeting was held in Barcelona in January. The basis for the technical actions, administrative aspects and coordination between the different partners were discussed with success.