Life+ Aquaenvec presents its results in Galicia

On May 28 the final event of the European project LIFE+ AQUAENVEC was held at the Advanced Studies Center (CEA), Santiago de Compostela, in order to present its main results. The AQUAENVEC project, launched in January 2012, is part of the LIFE program of the European Commission and has enjoyed the participation of Cetaqua (coordinator), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the University of Valencia (UV).

During the day the results of the application of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and cycle costs (LCC) of water in the two case studies of the project were discussed: Calafell (Tarragona) and Betanzos (A Coruña), which has helped define the eco-efficiency indicators. As a result, the Aquaenvec methodology has been certified according to ISO 14045 standard, as well as the results of eco-efficiency of urban cycle of Betanzos and Calafell, being the first national reference of AENOR.

To close the event, the web tool, that helps decision making to improve the relationship between environmental impact and cost of the activities of the urban water cycle, was presented. During the session, the attendees could familiarize with the tool in a demonstration of its operation. The meeting also served to gather opinions and suggestions of the participants, identifying some potential areas for improvement or evolution.

Cetaqua, as organizer of the event, has pledged to act to combat climate change, calculating and offsetting the emissions generated by the organization and conduct of the day, therefore, the final event of the Aquaenvec project was neutral in gas emissions.


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